Why are so many people dissatisfied with ROI2?

ROI2 = Return on Investment for Innovation!

If you read the BCG Report Innovation 2009:  Making Hard Decisions in the Downturn you will see a continuing trend for high levels of dissatisfaction with ROI2.  Fully 50% of Managers/VP’s are not happy with what they get from their innovation process, and this is bound to impact investment levels in the future.  Why is this?  Is it temporary and due to the economic climate over the last couple of years or are the reasons deeper?

  • Are organisations becoming immune to innovation?  Are “not invented here” antibodies being created by a history of poor results from innovation initiatives?
  • Are we at the end of a technology wave? Do we need to develop or adopt new scientific and social paradigms that offer the potential to become novel technologies?
  • Are our innovation “initiatives” loosing face as they claim victory before the recommendations have been embedded in a meaningful way and developed into an innovation culture that is adds real value to our ideas?
  • Have we lost some of the ability to take an overview of our innovation architectures and design effective end-to-end processes that speedily develop ideas that have great value?
  • Is our innovation leadership failing us? (4) Has this leadership generation simply grown in a time of artificial economic growth and therefore not had the time to adapt to the new realities?

Also interesting in the report is that although only 50% of managers and VPs were satisfied, 63% of top level execs (CEOs) were happy – is this evidence of a mismatch of expectations at senior levels which could be damaging?

What do you think?

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