Innovation Velocity White Paper

Developing Innovation Leadership

Developing Innovation Leadership

Today 15th July InnovoFlow publishes a new White Paper – ” Innovation Velocity:  Developing Agile Innovation Leadership”.


  • It is a truism that armies tend to continue to fight their last war and need to go through bitter learning experiences before they can understand and adapt to the new, emergent rules of conflict.
  • Present innovation thinking is constrained by legacy successes achieved within a context of unsustainable economic market growth patterns and obsolete models.
  • This recession is heightening a natural fear of risk and failure, which combined with a perception of increasing innovation difficulty, is encouraging management caution toward  innovation. This is reducing leaders’ ability to understand and manage the full potential range of options available, and is slowing the pace of innovation (innovation velocity).
  • Winning sports teams work on individual players’ kinesiology (ability to manoeuvre) and on “plays” that integrate team movement to gain advantage, at pace. Can we similarly develop leaders’ innovation agility by widening their options and building their ability to exploit a greater range of freedoms to innovate through a similar form of “gaming”?
  • Considering innovation as a game may help us move forward again by allowing us to explore new Freedoms to Innovate and visualise the architecture needed.
  • Such a game would have to help us review and articulate our legacy positions and develop our ability to rapidly construct an Innovation Architecture that fits within an emerging market.
  • The purpose of such an Innovation Architecture is to enable the creation of great ideas, the rapid development of them to the highest possible potential value, and then to maximise the realisation of their value in the market.
  • The key elements for great agile innovation leadership are:
  • Having few restrictions on your Freedoms to Innovate (F2i),
  • Maximising the return on your investment in innovation (ROI2),
  • Developing innovation velocity to optimise time to market and
  • Proactively constructing opportunities to innovate
  • An approach to innovation leadership development, “The Innovation Game” is being developed to provide a tool and framework for visualising, discussing, exploring and testing alternative Innovation Architectures and practising the integration of key elements for successful innovation agility.

Read the whole paper.

©InnovoFlow, 15th July 2009 All rights reserved


One response to “Innovation Velocity White Paper

  1. I think your game can provide innovation alternatives and useful tools to design new products and services.
    Oscar Isoba

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