No British Companies in the top 100 Innovative organisations?

Simon Evans, December 2012.

I almost fell off my chair eating breakfast this morning.  A report on the radio indicating thatthere was not one British company listed in the top 100 most innovative organisations! The Thompson Reuters list of 100 top global innovators makes for uncomfortable reading if you are British.

Can this really be true?  If so, we need to wake up and smell the highly innovative coffee beans!

For  the last couple of years, we at InnovoFlow have been asking companies, large and small, about how they view their innovation processes.  The outcome of these conversations has been very interesting.  Many, or maybe most, companies feel constrained in their approach to innovation, they are lacking the freedom to innovate.  This could be due to financial pressures – “we cannot afford to innovate until the recession is over” –  or lack of acknowledgment that times have changed and the approach to innovation needs to change too “we always do it this way, it’s always worked before”.


How do we break through this barrier and give innovaton leaders the freedom to innovate at increasing innovation velocities?

One way is to step back and view your innovation process as an eco-system.  This innovation eco-system provides an holistic view  and allows you to appreciate the breadth of options available, and to ensure that all parts of the process are nourished and working efficiently.

“InnovoZone, the Innovation Game TM” provides an environment which supports this analysis in both a diagnostic way, and also in a competitive dynamic simulation  (let’s call it a game!!) which forces you to confront real business decisions to develop your innovation capability.

We believe that this approach can give organisations some real momentum to drive innovative innovation and create real freedom for the innovation leaders to finally make a difference.

See detail at the innovoflow website or contact Simon Evans directly.


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