Turning Innovation Upside Down

It’s time to do things differently.  Strange as it may seem I am going to advocate reducing the emphasis on ideas when thinking about innovation.  “What?” I hear you ask.   “But ideas are at the core of Innovation”.  Well, so they are, but they are not the only game in town.

The time is right to spend some of your effort in considering the health of your “innovation eco-system”.  See previous posts on innvation ecosystems, but briefly you can consider this is the total collection of “Stuff” that forms the innovation environment.  The people, architectures, culture, skills, strategies, events etc that allow ideas to be created, developed and their value realised.

We at InnovoFlow believe that unless you are aware of and actively manage the health of your eco-system then you will be forever struggling, and you will find yourself always frustrated and constrained.

Rather than continually questing for the next big idea, try spending some time modelling your eco-system and asking yourself the hard questions.  Have we got the right people involved?  What processes are  missing?  Is there a shortage of resource?  Are you open to change?  Are you organised for success?  Are you lucky?  How can you change your luck?  Have you identified the rebels?  Do you consider the absurd?  Have you looked outside? etc etc etc

If you are honest with yourself and get this right the ideas will flow naturally as you will have a highly creative environment.  Get it wrong and you will continue to be stuck in treacle.  Be “Free to Innovate”.

If you would like some help in assessing the health of your innovation eco-system contact us at info@innovflow.co.uk.


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